Professional Development

CAT's Kaplan Center for Educational Drama provides educators and parents at all grade levels with hands-on training in the CATalyst Approach to interactive, issue-based drama, so they can incorporate its guiding principles into their work with youth and other adults. 
The CUNY M.A. in Applied Theatre, offered by the CUNY School of Professional Studies in partnership with CAT, is the first of its kind in the United States.  Students learn to use drama to facilitate, educate and activate. 

Let's Talk
Gwendolen Hardwick
Artistic & Education Director
(212) 652-2847
Helen Wheelock
Program Director
Early Learning Program: NYC Wolf Trap
(212) 652-2844
Katherine Almirañez
Program Director
Literacy Through Drama Program
(212) 652-2803
Erika Ewing
Program Director
Young Adult Literacy Technical Assistance
(212) 652-2842
Keith Johnston
Program Director
College/Adult Program
(212) 652-2835
Carmen Kelly
Program Director
Special Projects/Project CHANGE
(212) 652-2836
Krista Fogle
Communications & Marketing Manager
(212) 652-2801


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