CUNY Creative Arts Team (CAT) is a nonprofit organization at The City University of New York that uses the power of drama to inspire youth to learn…more.
Drama as a Catalyst for Change
CAT uses theatre as a medium to promote social, emotional, and intellectual growth in communities throughout New York City. Working from early childhood through the adult years, CAT offers interactive dramas that explore curricular themes and social issues such as literacy, inter-cultural understanding, peer pressure, violence, sexuality, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS prevention.  Students become participants in fiction-based group improvisations. Questions emerge from dramatic conflict, and participants are challenged to find their own answers. Through theatre conventions, reality is viewed afresh, prejudices revised, and conflicts seen from many points of view.  Throughout, professionally trained actor-teachers process these experiences so that participants are able to transfer the new skills and insights into their real lives.
CAT's in-school projects support the New York State Common Core Curricular standards, and enhance students' literacy skills from early childhood through high school.


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