Katherine Almirañez

Director, Literacy
Through Drama Program

Katherine Almirañez oversees the in-school literacy programming at 8 schools throughout NYC, under the support and funding of Department of Youth and Community Development’s Neighborhood Development Area grant. Previously, she was the Associate Program Director for a drama-based literacy afterschool program in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Prior to joining the program staff Katherine was a senior actor-teacher working in day-school and after-school settings with elementary to middle school students. A recurring role she has played at CAT has been as stage manager for CAT Youth Theatre.  Katherine was introduced to CAT in her teens when CAT's touring company performed at her NYC public high school. This experience opened the door to her participation in the NYC Shakespeare Festival, and soon thereafter to her joining the CAT Youth Theatre.  Outside of CAT, she is a visual artist, theatre artist, and a human rights activist. She earned her BA at New York University.  She has been associated with CAT since joining CAT Youth Theatre in 1996.


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