"Working with others is essential because one can only grow as a person
when one learns to communicate."

"You have taught me that in life everyone at times will need someone’s help.
I will not be embarrassed to ask for it. For that I am grateful."

"I’ve learned how preparation is crucial because it helps you be more responsible."

"I’ve learned more things that I should do to prepare myself for an interview."

"The most useful aspect was learning how to speak up in life, how to ask for help."


What happens when we rely on habits, perceptions and assumptions without knowing the facts? Conflict is at the heart of all drama that CAP uses to raise the questions we may not be asking of ourselves and our community.  The human experience is very complex in this fast-paced, ever-changing world and there is no way around it; however there are skills that help us navigate the challenges and attain positive growth and progress, and the CAP team provides a safe and fun environment in which to develop and strengthen these skills.

Through interactive strategies and drama, CAP captures a panoramic view of our society and zooms in on specific issues and behaviors that create obstacles in our lives. These workshops encourage participants, in a safe environment through a co-intentional process,  to carefully examine the choices, decisions and consequences of everyday challenges, to raise awareness, discover solutions and promote problem solving,  decision-making, critical thinking and self-advocacy skills, and to build the confidence of every participant.






Also available: Professional Development, Master of Arts in Applied Theatre


High School of Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture - THEATER ARTS PLAYERS

This program meets once a week at HSCTEA, with a focus on theater arts; acting technique, improvisation, devising, ensemble work, rehearsal and creating a final presentation.  At the end of the school year there will be a culminating, original performance, created by CTEA students and directed by Keith Johnston.

  • To support GED and college enrollment and retention
  • To strengthen young adults’ attitude and adaptability for the workplace
  • To engage young adults in key aspects of financial literacy
  • To help young adults address competing family, school, and work priorities
  • To give parents and caregivers strategies for supporting their children’s academic and social growth

Program leaders at a partner social services agency reported that young single mothers’ critical thinking, decision making, job preparation, communication, and conflict resolution skills, and their sense of personal responsibility, improved after CAT’s Supporting Success workshops.

Teachers at Rikers Island reported improved student interpersonal, communication, anger management, and listening skills after CAT’s Supporting Success workshops.

CUNY faculty members reported improved student communication, critical thinking, and listening skills after CAT’s Success by Degrees workshops.

“You have taught me that in life everyone at times will need someone’s help.  I will not be embarrassed to ask for it.  For that I am grateful.”
- Student, College of Staten Island

“I loved that the students saw a familiar situation that they could easily relate to and were pushed to view it from a different perspective.”
- Faculty, Borough of Manhattan Community College

  • College Readiness
  • Financial literacy
  • Workplace readiness
  • Sex, Drugs, and Risky Behavior
  • Communication at home, school, and workplace
  • Balancing school, work, and family life
  • Strength through diversity
  • Anger management and conflict resolution
  • Peer and family relationships

Current workshops include:

The "A" GameAcademic Success

Attitude, Aptitude, Accountability and Adaptability. Students may have habits that hinder their success. Examine common obstacles and explore avenues to academic success. Through role play, intervention and other interactive activities, this session helps build concrete skills, increase awareness of individual learning styles.

What's the problem? Conflict Resolution

Although individual and collective intentions may be good, the outcomes may not be. Through interactive scenes, games and skill-building activities, participants explore innovative ways to avoid and resolve everyday conflicts. These strategies break down internal and external conflicts to get to the causes and effects and, through  analysis and intervention, reach solutions.

The Time is NOW - Time Management

Overwhelmed?  Get it together. Examine common challenges and consequences of juggling school, work and personal life. With scenarios  and intervention techniques, participants engage in activities & discussions to find do-able solutions to effectively set/meet goals through organization and time management.

Living in Oblivion - Communication

Emails, texts, tweets and Facebook! What has happened to the human brain and social interaction? Explore these questions and more through a series of vignettes and skill-building activities—discover how to be an effective communicator. Examine common behavioral patterns that work against us when trying to communicate and explore innovative adjustments we can make to achieve positive results.

Who’s in charge?Leadership

Instead of playing the blame game, or allowing apathy to reign, take charge!  Find out what you can do about “the powers that be” and self-advocacy. Through realistic scenarios and intervention strategies, take a look at common issues in our community and discover what it means to be a leader, develop individual responsibility and the power that lies within to promote progress.

What now? - Work Readiness

What is the job market like and how do we succeed in it? How do we land a good job? How do we build a career and how do we strengthen our employability? Find answers to in this interactive workshop on job readiness through drama, role-play and skill-building activities.

Why am I so sick & tired? - Health and Wellness

Take a deeper look at modern society and the choices, decisions and consequences of everyday behavior that may have adverse affects on our health. Work together to find solutions for everyday situations and explore choices for a healthier mental, physical and emotional life for you, your environment and loved ones.

What's love got to do with it? - Parenting in the 21st Century

The challenges of parenting are endless, especially in a culture of technology that  changes the way we live, think and communicate. Since time does not run backwards, take a journey through the generation gap to explore successful solutions for raising children, supporting their education and modifying their behavior in the modern era. Build solid relationships to bridge the gap.

Is it ever going to Stop? - Anti-Bullying & Violence Prevention

Violence is on the rise.  What is a bully, what is harassment, and why does it happen? What role do we play and how can we be proactive to stop or deescalate violence around us? Explore the idea of “no snitching,” define the source of a problem and develop skills to prevent or deescalate the violence in our community.


Keith JohnstonKeith Johnston
Program Director

Priscilla FloresPriscilla Flores
Senior Actor/Teacher

Temesgen TocrurayEric Aviles

Joseph Garel

Jerron Herman
Administrative Assistant
Actor/Teacher Swing

Eboni Witcher


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