Read about CAT in the new edition of Learning Through Theatre!
June 28, 2013

Coming June 28th!

Aspects of CAT's work are now represented in a new edition of Learning Through Theatre!

Learning Through Theatre: The Changing Face of Theatre in Education, 3rd Edition

Chapter contributed by CUNY/Creative Arts Team's Helen Wheelock: WALKING THE TIGHTROPE: The Complex Demands of Funded Partnerships   

In the two decades since the publication of the second edition of Learning Through Theatre, it has further established itself as an indispensable resource for scholars, practitioners and educators interested in the complex interrelations between teaching and learning, the performing arts, and society at large. Theatre in Education (TIE) has consistently been at the cutting edge of the ever-growing field of Applied Theatre; this comprehensively revised new edition makes an international case for why, and how, it will continue to define how the participatory arts contribute to the learning of young people (and increasingly, adults) in the 21st century.

Drawing on the experiences and insights of theorists and practitioners from across the world, Learning Through Theatre shows how theatre can, and does, promote:

Now transatlantically edited by Anthony Jackson and Chris Vine, Learning Through Theatre offers exhilarating new reflections on the book’s original aim: to define, describe and debate the salient features, and wider political context, of one of the most important – and radical – developments in contemporary theatre.


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